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December 05, 2022

Do You Need To Worry About Smart Home Hacking In Peoria?

In many ways, smart devices like security cameras and video doorbells have boosted our home security. We can receive updates when someone comes up our front steps, and we can have footage delivered to us when dubious movements are happening. Having components we can access over the internet alerts us to potential threats instantaneously. But there is one main drawback. The quick access we enjoy is also opening a door online invasions.

Although you don’t have to get yourself in a panic fretting over smart home hacking in Peoria, you ought to be aware of the potential safety issue and take action to circumvent it.

How To Block Smart Home Hacking

It’s amazing how the internet has impacted our daily lives as seemingly everything is accessible remotely, including your security devices, smart TVs, and even your coffee maker. This also generates more opportunities for cyber criminals to break into your network. That doesn't mean you have to avoid wireless home protection packages or other smart devices. Rather, follow these recommendations and do what you can to keep prowlers off your network.

  • Protect with strong passwords: This is a necessity for every account, and that includes your wireless configuration. Use lower and upper casing and a blend of numbers, letters, and special characters. Stay away from dates of birth, street names, or other options hackers may easily figure out. A password creator will provide something absolutely random and a password manager will aid you in keeping tabs on your various accounts.

  • Avoid default settings: When you first unbox a new router, chances are it will come with a preset password to facilitate the setup. Don’t forget to update it. Hackers will have these default passwords too. Setting up your wireless network and router correctly in the beginning is vital in keeping you secure.

  • Consider separate networks: Why put your smart range, your security sensors, and the laptop you use for work on the same network? Most routers permit you to create a distinct guest network. Be sure to use it and shield private information found on your desktop, laptop, and phone.

  • Install a firewall: Firewalls aren’t merely for businesses. They can also be incorporated into your private network. Firewalls will watch the traffic on your network and thwart questionable activity. You could start with a router with a built-in firewall.

  • Utilize the top encryption options and security protocols: If you own a newer router, you will likely have the chance to utilize WPA3, the most up-to-date wireless security protocol. If that’s not available, WPA2 with AES encryption is still a good choice. You should install home security components that protect with 128-bit or higher.

  • Make sure software and firmware is up-to-date: Keep your software and firmware on the most recent version for all equipment, and that includes your integrated camera surveillance. In some cases, these updates will fix vulnerabilities and bolster your network security.

Be Cautious of Cheap Smart Home Components In Peoria

When you work with a respected company like ADT, you’ll find that any security gaps in cameras or other tools are addressed in a timely and appropriate fashion. Other off-the-shelf brands may not be quite as diligent. Purchasing your video cameras, smart thermostat, video doorbell, and other smart devices from a single source like ADT is a wise choice. And getting all of your components hooked up simultaneously will go a long way to ensuring proper configuration, operation, and security. It’s important to note that ADT Command, the hub of your security system, employs two-way encryption when engaging with with your integrated devices.

Request Your Own Peoria Wireless Home Security Package

As you now have a greater understanding on how to keep your wireless network secure, you’re ready to start on your own home defense system in Peoria. The security professionals at Secure24 Alarm Systems are here to create the ideal package for your family. Call (309) 316-6084 or submit the form to get started.